Monday, January 4, 2010

Inglorious POSTO!

We're in the Nazi killin' business!

Another Quentin's finest.
It was based on the title of the same name way back during '78, but with totally different story.

If you expecting Band of Brothers & Saving Private Ryan type genre, you'll be dissapointed. This is more of the Quentin's storyline-badass-PG13 genre.

Content consist of 1 nos. Blu-ray disc & 1 nos. digital copy (DVD).

Futher info on the blu-ray can be found here.
For the review of the movie, go to Rotten Tomatoes here.


  1. love, love the movie
    been waiting for the figure for ages now.

  2. They better not mock up the face.
    BPitt should get the premium treatment, including the scars & wot-not.

  3. haven't seen it, but I always love QT's work!