Monday, August 17, 2009

I Am Iron Man

This is considered as a must have for Iron Man (movie) fans. This 1/6 scale Iron Man Mark III is produced by Hot Toys, a toy company base in Hong Kong.

The detail on this bad boy is amazing. From the moving flaps, to the lights-up LED on his eyes, chest & hands.

The box.

Front & Back

Side of box

The 1st thing you see when you open the flap.

The inside of the flap which wraps around the box.

RT chest.

The switch for the chest & eyes.

Switch for repulsor ray.

Concealed mini missle.

Aileron/Leg detail.

Tony Stark.

You'll get : 3 pair of hands, Tony Stark's head, stand.

Powering up the Unibeam.

There are a few issues brought up on the web. Some of them are the colour whereby the red is to dark, the LED is not to bright & paint tends to chip off.

Other than that, its a great figure, homage to the movie.


  1. added u at my link thru my blog.
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  2. I like you r last comment bro rafys..on the 'chipping of paint' issue...

    I think that is unavoidable....nevertheless it adds to the weathered look of the suit...don't u think? :p